Shop Update 1.25.18 Follow-Up

In my shop update for January 25, 2018, I discussed a number of topics.  You can click on the “YouTube Videos” tab on this website and watch the video, or see the video on YouTube here:

I talked about:

  • Current Projects
  • Bottle Stoppers
  • Essential Oils Displays
  • Website Launch
  • Patreon
  • Tool Unboxing
  • Shout-Out (Ken Moon – Moonpie Creations)

I have been working on projects for craft shows!  I’ve been turning pens, seam rippers, and other items in hopes that the new year will be prosperous.

Recently, I contacted Ruth Niles and ordered a starter kit for bottle stoppers.  I have heard that Niles bottle stoppers are top quality and second to none.  While I haven’t turned a bottle stopper yet, upon receiving the starter pack, the bottle stoppers seem like they are very high quality and I can’t wait to turn a bottle stopper or two… or ten.

Recently, I was contacted about making an essential oils display that would hold nine bottles.  I used my (new since Christmas) PiranhaXL CNC machine to help me with this.  I had a rough design that was laid out in Vetric Desktop and Mark Lindsay was kind enough to hop on a Google hangout and help me with the finer details to make the design just right.  Thanks, Mark!  Now I have this display that can hold bottles up to the 15mL size available in three different shades (dark stain, light stain, or natural wood).

Also in my shop update, I talked about the launch of this website, and since you’re hear, you know about my website too!  Welcome!  I’m excited to see what kind of growth I can make in 2018 and I believe a website is a great way to promote yourself.  Being persistent and promoting your brand and company is just part of becoming successful when it comes to small business.

Patreon:  I realize that as I write this post near the end of January 2018, my YouTube channel is just shy of 300 subscribers and with YouTube’s new monetization standards, I don’t have the 1,000 subscribers or the 4,000 hours of required view time.  I also realize that even if I could monetize at this point, I would be doubling the change in my desk at work, which amounts to about 31 cents.  I’m not here to talk about the new monetization standards and about how I think they are fair or unfair, so I digress.  What I want to talk about is if launching a Patreon page is worth it or not.  I’ve had opinions from individuals on both sides of the fence.  Some say no, some say yes, but don’t expect it to take off right away (which I understand going into this).  Here is my dilemma:  Assuming I set up a Patreon account, what should my levels or tiers be?  Should they be $1, $5, $10+… more or less?  The even bigger question I have is this:  What should the rewards be?  Stickers, T-Shirts, monthly hangouts?  What tiers and incentives have you used and what has worked for you?  I’m curious to hear your responses and I would love to have a conversation about Patreon.

This week I unboxed two tools.  One tool really helps me organize my pen making supplies and one tool allows me more freedom.  I “unboxed” a small parts organizer where I put my pen making bushings and small cutoffs from other blanks.  This allows me to see what I have and organize the disaster that is my lathe station a little better.  The second tool I unboxed was a Ryobi cordless jig saw.  I purchased this tool so when I have larger sheet goods (plywood) to break down or cut profiles out, I can do this without having to be tethered to a cord or worry about actually cutting the cord (literally!) if I go to make a curved cut and the cord were to get in the way.  I can’t wait to put this tool to use!

Shout-Out:  This shop update shout-out goes to Ken Moon over at Moonpie Creations.  He is currently on the back half of a 30 for 30 where he is putting out 30 videos in 30 days.  These videos are short and to the point.  He has made a number of shop projects to help organize his shop as well as put out some pretty awesome quick tip videos to help take our skills to the next level.  He is doing a great job over on his channel, so you should go check out his channel, 30 for 30, and other videos!

Thank you for reading this Shop Update follow up article.  If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please don’t hesitate to send me a message!