Turning My First Leveche Fountain Pen | Live Stream 7.14.2020

Last night I turned my first leveche fountain pen. This was a fun turn and the pen looks great! This was a two piece fountain pen consisting of a body and cap.  The blank I used came from Bennie Ray and Julee Watkins that I won in an auction.

Last Week’s Live Stream: Last week I cast some pen blanks and four ring blanks. All together, I ended up with three elm burl hybrid blanks, two resin only blanks, and four ring blanks, so all in all, it was a good casting session.

This Week: This week I turned my first leveche fountain pen. The kit is a Beaufort Ink kit that I purchased from Turner’s Warehouse. I had to make sure I oriented the bushings correctly, but that wasn’t too difficult because the body and cap have two different diameter tubes. If you turn a leveche, make sure the larger bushings are in the center and the smaller bushings go toward the outer ends of the pen.

Turning the blanks was fairly uneventful. The stabilized burl portion of the blank was a little difficult to turn, but that was because it was stabilized and a great blank. The alumilite portion of the blank turned just like a dream and it was a pleasure to turn the body and cap. I turned the blanks between centers. This means I turned one blank at a time. I turned the body and sanded to 400 grit, then did the same for the cap.  I used a combination of the TShadow NRS and one of my DIY carbide tipped tools to turn the blanks down to the bushings.

CA Finish & Finishing Process: I applied seven coats of Mercury Flex Thin CA, spraying activator between each coat. One tip I gave during the live stream was that to keep track of how many coats were applied, I apply the CA, then rip off the used section of shop cloth and set it next to me. If I lose track of how many coats I’ve applied, I can look down and count how many pieces of blue shop cloth I have and figure out how many more coats I need to apply.

After Applying the CA, I used Micro Mesh to wet sand the blanks, then applied the Novus polishing system to make the blanks look even better than they already did. The Micro Mesh does a great job of evening out the high spots in the CA finish, and Micro Mesh smooths out the blanks, but Novus 3, 2, and 1 really make the blank shine just a little bit more. Novus 3 is a heavy scratch remover. Novus 2 is a fine scratch remover. Novus 1 is the polish. I go through this regiment to make the blanks look really good.

Assembly: Since this was my first leveche, I printed out the parts diagram for the kit to help me organize my pen kit components. This really helped assembly go smoothly. When I went to press the finial into the cap, I couldn’t rotate the clip to where I wanted, so I used a punch to take out the finial and I repositioned the clip to where I wanted it. From there, The assembly took a little bit of time since it was my first leveche, but overall, it was a smooth assembly. I pressed one component of the kit in at a time and made sure that my presses were straight and I didn’t bend the pen, crack the finish, or ruin the work done during the turning on the live stream.

This leveche hybrid fountain pen was turned on a live stream from 7.14.2020.

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