Block Mold Resin Casting | Alumilite Clear Slow | Live Stream 7.28.2020

Last night, I decided to cast using a PTownSubbie block mold. I demonstrated how I do my flip cup resin pours and was able to get five pen blanks out of this resin pour. I used Alumilite clear slow resin, Divine Pigments to give the resin color, and a touch of Caster’s Choice Macro Pearl to make the blanks shine! It was a fun cast and I will definitely be doing more flip cup pours in the future as I personally like the appearance of those type of blanks. Let me know what colors you’d like to see in upcoming live streams.

Last Week’s Project: Last week, I did another casting. I used cutoffs from RJBWoodTurner’s chaos blanks. I bought a box of the cutoffs and decided to cast them into hybrid pen blanks. I showed off what I had left, which was two of the chaos hybrid blanks and an additional resin-only blank. The other three blanks sold and went to new homes. I have more chaos cutoffs, so I plan to cast more of those as well, coincidentally into my block mold. Going forward, I will use hot glue to keep the chaos cutoffs from floating. I addressed this issue in last night’s live stream, which you can watch at the end of this post.

Mail Call: Bob from RJBWoodTurner was kind enough to send an additional chaos blank since my wife liked the Tiny Giant I turned for my 1,000 subscriber giveaway. He took it upon himself, out of the goodness of his heart to send a chaos blank (and some UHMW) and told me to have my wife pick out a kit and turn a pen for her. Thanks Bob!

This Week: The process for casting Alumilite clear slow is to pour the A and B sides in a 1:1 ratio. I first started by using three cups (for three colors) and I poured 90 grams of the A side into each cup. Then, I added my colors to each cup (Divine Pigments Berry Red, Key Lime Green, and Sunny Yellow). I then stirred in the color. Once the color was stirred into the A side of the resin, I zeroed out my scale and added 90 grams of the B side (hardener), since Alumilite clear slow is a 1:1 ratio as mentioned above. Once I got the B side added to each of the three cups, I stirred them until they reached about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. (Just before I poured the resin into the cup to be flipped, I added Caster’s Choice Macro Pearl to make the blanks shimmer some. The amount of color added to the resin is completely up to the caster depending on the desired effect of the blank.) This is when good color separation happens, so once the resin got up to temperature, I poured the resin into my old sports drink cup. I put the HDPE block mold from PTownSubbie on top of the resin-filled cup and flipped it into the block mold. Then, I let the rest of the resin pour into the mold to reduce the amount of wasted Alumilite clear slow. When I finished pouring the resin into the mold, I put it in the pressure pot and let them sit under pressure. I forgot to pull the block out of the mold before I went to bed, so they sat under pressure all night. This doesn’t hurt the blanks as more time is good and the four hour time the blanks should be in the pressure pot is a minimum, not a maximum requirement for best results. The pressure pot allows the bubbles to get shrunk down to a size that the naked eye can’t see and makes for a blank that cures properly.

Here are a couple pictures of the block and what it look like cut up into pen blanks.

This is the result of the block that I cast on the Live stream from 7.28.2020.
Here is what the block looks like cut up into individual pen blanks.

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Thank you to all those who interacted during the live stream. I appreciate all of you and appreciate everyone who watches the replay as well. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll get back to you. If you want to check out the replay of the live stream, you can watch it below: