Five Pen Blank Sampler Pack


Each pen blank is minimum 3/4″x5″, but most are closer to 7/8″x5.25″. The product image shown isn’t the exact blanks you will receive, but you will get the same style and material of blanks. This five pack is a great way to try a new hybrid, or get a variety of blanks.


I have put together randomly selected 5 packs of pen banks. These pen blanks are cast in Alumilite and each pack will contain one of each of the following:

  1. Alumilite Blank
  2. Pine Cone Hybrid
  3. Cholla Hybrid
  4. Deer Antler Hybrid
  5. Stabilized Burl Hybrid

These pen blanks are minimum 3/4″x5″, but most blanks are closer to 7/8″x5.25″.  The pine cone and cholla hybrids may be cross cut or rip cut. I have priced these starter packs at $55 and that INCLUDES SHIPPING! Just select free shipping at checkout!


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