Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens are created on a lathe and made from a variety of materials. I use a variety of materials in my hybrid pens. These include resin, wood, deer antler, pine cones, cholla cactus, and others. Each material is unique and looks great on a pen. My pens are made with care and careful consideration is taken when pairing pen body material and kits.

These rollerball pens are a great upgrade option from a ballpoint pen. The gel-style ink refills are readily available at any office supply store (G2 or equivalent refill). These pens are an elegant option for every day use, special occasion, or gift.

For these types of pens, replacing the ink when it runs dry is incredibly easy! Each pen is going to be a little different, but generally, just follow these few easy steps:

  1. Unscrew the section (where the tip of the refill lies).
  2. Take out the old ink cartridge.
  3. Put in a new G2 (or equivalent) ink cartridge. (These come in a variety of colors!)
  4. Screw on the section and it’s ready to go again!

A pen is a powerful tool that we can all use. Even in the digital era in which we live, there isn’t anything quite like a good pen. Although a lot of what we do today is online, handwriting is still important for when we have to write notes, fill out paperwork, or put our signature on documents.

If interested in a custom pen, fill out the “Contact Us” form. We will work together to create the perfect pen that fits your needs.

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