Writing Instruments

Everyone can use something to write with, even as the world transitions to a mostly digital platform. Nice, quality writing instruments are worth the investment because each piece tells a story. These include ball point pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, and mechanical pencils made from kits. These kits are paired with pen turning material (blanks) and are highly customizable. There are so many kits and blanks available, so the combinations and possibilities are practically endless. Kits can be small and compact, big and bulky, or anything in between. Small and compact pens are great for those that are on the go and don’t want to add a lot of weight to their every day carry lineup. Bigger pens are great for that person who does a lot of work from a desk.

Writing instruments are created on a lathe and made from a variety of materials. Materials include, but are not limited to, wood, resin, deer antler, stabilized burl, pine cone, cholla, and sweet gum pod. If you don’t see something you want already made on my website, we can work together to create the perfect piece. These are custom and one of a kind. They make great personal pens or gifts for loved ones. If interested in a custom pen, fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

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