Swirled Savories Pen Blanks

Casting pen (and other turning) blanks has been an interest of mine for a few years now. I have always struggled with coming up with signature blanks that are named and have a specific recipe. When I cast blanks, I would pick some colors and just see what happened. Occasionally, that’s how I still cast blanks, but with my new line, I have a recipe and process. Just recently in November 2020, I released my Swirled Savories line of pen blanks.

Swirled Savories are a collection of pen blanks that have been developed over a period of time. Each color is carefully considered and picked out for each blank. The idea for this line of blanks was born when I was asked about a custom pour. After doing some tests, I finally got a color combination and pour technique that I liked. Once the first color combination was established, I added each subsequent color and am still working on adding new “flavors.” These blanks are made with Alumilite clear slow resin. Alumilite clear slow is easy to turn, so these pen blanks are fun and turn easily when proper tools and techniques are used at the lathe.

In the future, I’m planning on new options for this collection. Additionally, my plan is to offer more than just standard pen blanks in this line. I’m working to offer bespoke pen blanks, ring blanks, and more in the future as I’m able to expand the collection.

These pen blanks are a collection of colors based on tasty treats in which we love to indulge! (Pen blanks don’t actually smell or taste like what they’re named. DO NOT EAT OR INGEST RESIN!)

If you have an idea for a new blank that should go in this collection feel free to use the “Contact Us” form below.

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