Pen Turning Material (Blanks)

The Cross Cut Creations shop casts pen turning material (blanks)! A few years ago, I stumbled upon the Mid-Ohio Valley Pen Turner’s gathering and was introduced to  the pen turning community. These people cast turning blanks and make incredible works of art. I decided to try my hand at casting and ordered materials for like resin and micas. Since then, I have expanded to a larger pressure pot and other materials.

At Cross Cut Creations, we primarily cast standard pen blanks (3/4″ square x 5″ long minimum) and bespoke blanks (3/4″ round x 8″ long). These are available in a variety of colors. In order to achieve different effects and color combinations, we use a variety of techniques and resin-coloring options.

Currently, Cross Cut Creations uses three different brands of resin coloring materials. In use is Caster’s Choice Mica Powder, PTownSubbie Micas, and Divine Pigments. These three brands give versatility and variety to the achievable colors and potential color combinations.

My pen turning materials vary in material from resin-only (Alumilite clear slow) to a number of hybrid options. Other materials used include deer antler, stabilized burl, pine cones, cholla, sweet gum pods, and corian. I am open to trying new materials as well.  The pen blanks I sell measure at minimum 3/4″ square x 5″ long, but most are closer to 7/8″ square x 5.25″ long.

The only limitation is your imagination. If you have a color scheme that you’d like to see brought to life, feel free to contact us! Custom color pours can be requested using the “Contact Us” form.

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