Casting Hybrid Bottle Stopper Blanks With Alumilite Clear Slow | Live Stream 6.2.2020

On last night’s YouTube live stream, I cast some hybrid bottle stopper blanks and a few resin-only pen banks. I used three of Braxton Frankenbery’s Divine Pigments from Divine Island Design. The three colors I used were Key Lime, Sangria Purple, and Abyss Blue. I sprayed the silicone mold with Stoner mold release before casting. This allows the blanks to be released from the mold easier.

The hybrid material I used was walnut shells. This was the first time I used walnut shells as a casting material. This was a fun experiment and I really enjoyed using the shells. I know I’m not the first person to cast walnut shells, but this was a fun first for me. These were also the first hybrid bottle stoppers that I cast. I’ve cast resin-only bottle stopper blanks and hybrid pen blanks, but this was the first time I cast hybrid bottle stopper blanks.

In total, I ended up with four bottle stopper blanks and three pen blanks. Alumilite clear slow is a 1:1 ratio, which means however much of A is poured, I need to pour the same amount of B. I poured 90 grams of the A side of Alumilite clear slow, and 90 grams of B.¬† that means A+B= 180 grams. I used three colors, so 180×3=540 total grams of Alumilite clear slow was poured. I know my bottle stopper mold takes 60 grams per stopper blank if there’s no hybrid material. That means 60 grams x 4 stopper blanks = 240 grams. I way over estimated because I wanted to get a few more blanks out of this cast. The walnut shells take up some of the space, so 240 grams is an over estimate for this application. I poured 540 grams, so I was able to get way more than just the four bottle stopper blanks (four stopper blanks and three pen blanks). Over estimating also can be a more efficient use of the pressure pot if enough resin is poured. In this case, it was, because not only did I get four bottle stopper blanks, but I also got three additional pen blanks.

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Here is a picture of the results of last night’s cast. I got three pen blanks and four bottle stoppers in total.

If you want to check out the live stream in it’s entirety, you can watch here:

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