Shop Update 7.26.18 | Channel Direction | Updated Website

The shop update for July 26, 2018 has quite a bit to digest, so here is goes.

Current Projects: I’m still turning pens, bowls, and other items as well as doing a few side things that weren’t discussed in the video. It’s a lot of the same repetitive things, but each pen is different, so it is fun for me.

NEW TOOL: I got a new lathe! This is super exciting for me because I use my lathe all the time. I decided to get the Rikon Midi Lathe Model 70-220VSR ( While I don’t regret getting my first lathe at all, as it afforded me the opportunity to get into turning for a reasonable price, I ultimately decided to upgrade to a better machine because of the fact that I feel like I’m primarily a turner now.

UPDATED WEB STORE: I took down the build your own pen option and put individual pens into the store. This allows you to see exactly what you’re getting. One can purchase pens or if you’re a pen turner yourself, you can buy blanks that I cast with Alumilite clear! In addition to those products, you can buy Cross Cut Creations T-Shirts in a variety of colors and styles as well as stickers or coffee mugs.

Channel Direction: After completing the pen series recently, I realize that I’m becoming more of a turner than anything else. I’m contemplating making my channel a turning and resin casting channel with other side projects occasionally. What does everyone think? I’m also am considering cutting back on the videos to maybe every other week, or something like that. My original hope was to do weekly videos until i reached 1,000 subscribers, but with the growth being as slow as it is, I think it might be time to step back a bit and reevaluate. Again, let me know what you fine people think.

Instagram: I’m about 100 followers away from 1,000 on Instagram, which is SUPER exciting! Because of that, I am doing a giveaway! I will be giving away a custom pen to one lucky person once I hit the 1,000 follower mark! Additionally, I’m looking for individuals (or companies) to sponsor prizes for this giveaway, so if you’re interested, contact me either through a DM on Instagram (@crosscutcreations) or send me an email ( Any support is appreciated! This will be an Instagram giveaway, NOT YouTube. (I’m hoping to do a separate giveaway for 1,000 subscribers on YouTube when I get to that point.)

Stickers: Sloane’s Woodworking, Turners Warehouse, Scratched Podcast, Doc Jared Hildabrant,, Sawdust Creations, The Bearded Woodworker, and Appaloosa Artisans!

Shout out: Pam Harris – Highland Boxes! Pam recently hit 5,000 Subscribers on her YouTube channel. Congrats Pam! Be sure to check out Pam’s channel and subscribe to her!



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