Shop Update 6.28.18

Well I blinked and it’s the last Thursday in June! That means it’s time for a shop update.  Today I will write about what is currently going on in the shop, update stickers, and give my shout out!

Current Projects: I’m turning items and CNC-ing items for a festival I’m attending as a vendor.  I know in the past I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue with shows, but the circumstances for this one were right and it was marketed as a festival and not a craft show, so I think there is real promise there.  We shall see what happens Saturday! I’m also working on some other items off camera like signs and displays.

The pen series will continue next week. I have plans for at least two or three more videos in the pen series, so this should be lots of fun!

Sticker: Wood Turning with Paul Lockwood

Shout out: Steve Nealon with Harneal Media

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