Turning a Casted Blank… Sorta

Today I released a video where the intent was to turn one of my first casted blanks.  This went well for a while, but then disaster struck, but not all is lost, yet.

I started just like any other pen project where I measured and cut the blank down to size.  After that, I used a 2 part epoxy to glue in the tube.  I barrel trimmed and got the blank on the lathe.  As I was turning, things were going just fine until I got closer to the bushings.  When I got close to the bushings, I started to get a few small catches here and there that caused the blank to jump a bit.

Eventually, I had one catch too many and the blank blew apart beyond repair for that section.  I thought for a minute, and decided to recast the blank with an accent color.  This means that the part of the blank that was damaged would be filled with yellow tinted Alumilite and make for an accent piece in the blank.

While this exact pen blank turning was a fail, I still have a chance to salvage the blank at a later time when I feel confident to do so.

Thanks for checking out this post and as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!


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