Shop Update 4.26.18

I released a short shop update on my YouTube channel today and it included current projects, craft show experiences, next week’s video, stickers, and shout out!

Current Projects: I’m currently working on some frames for a drama club production, some props for a festival later this year, and other typical things like pens and such in the shop.

This past weekend I went to a craft show at a high school and sold nothing.  This is my second show in a row where I’ve sold nothing.  I’m heavily considering not doing any more shows, or being super selective about what shows I do go to because I haven’t had a real successful show yet.

Next week’s video will be a turning video.  I will turn a couple pens and put them on a semi-new-to-me kit.  These blanks are also special because these will be blanks I turn from my first batch of casting with alumalite!

Shop Stickers: Waylight Creations, Mike Atkinson, Donny Carter, Opa’s Workshop

Shout Out: Modern Maker Podcast – One sheet of plywood challenge!  Check out the video for more details!


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