Makers Rock 2018: “Brigade” by Heart | Giveaway

Today I released my Makers Rock video along with more than 30 other makers!  This year’s theme was 90s albums, so I decided to recreate the album “Brigade” by Heart.

This album was a lot of fun to recreate and was a step outside of my comfort zone, which allowed me to learn some new skills.  I want to take a second to thank Mark Lindsay for helping me with the .tap file to create this project.  he helped me out and taught me how to manually trace vectors and clean up unnecessary lines.  Without Mark, this project would have been nearly impossible.  Thanks, Mark!

After designing the file in Vetric Desktop, I took the painted piece to the CNC and let the PiranhaXL do its thing.  During the very last cut of the entire project, I realized that I misplaced a clamp, so the bit hit the clamp and broke.  Even though that was the case, the project cut perfectly other than that and I was able to more on.

I sanded the rough spots of the carved out piece, then started to paint the piece.  I used craft paints to make the album look like the original.  This was also somewhat new to me as I don’t consider myself a painter or even artist, at least when if comes to mediums such as paint.

Finally, after I got the paint on the piece, I used a coat of polycrilic clear coat just to give the piece some protection.

If you want a chance to win the album artwork, head over to my YouTube channel and do two things:

1. Subscribe to my channel.

2. Leave a comment on the build video.

THAT’S IT!  I will pick a winner by using a random comment generator and will announce the winner during my Shop Update, next Thursday, March 29th!



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