Makers Rock Promo Video!

This Tuesday, 35 makers will release videos on recreations on 90s albums!  I am one of the makers that is creating an album.  I will be recreating the album, “Brigade” by Heart.

The best part about this collaboration between these awesome makers is that YOU could win OUR artwork!  Each maker will be doing their own giveaway and you’ll have a chance to win some awesome work!  For my giveaway, I will be selecting a comment from the build video.  That person (as long as he/she is subscribed to my YouTube channel) will win the album artwork!  So here’s the quick and easy version of how to enter to win my album artwork:

1. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.

2. Leave a comment on the build video that will be released this coming Tuesday!

THAT’S IT!  That’s all you have to do to enter the giveaway!  It’s that easy!  In good time (within a month of me releasing the build video), I will announce a winner and get the album art shipped to him/her!

Subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you soon!


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