Cross Cut Creations Logo Label Cast Pen (Cast by John Pierce)

In the video I released yesterday, I made a Wall Street II pen.  Before you say, “He’s already made one of those, I don’t want to watch this.”, hear me out.  This pen blank I turned was specially cast by John Pierce.  The label had my Cross Cut Creations logo on it and it was cast in alumalite with a tube-in mold from Fred Wissen over at PTownSubbie.  Alumalite turns amazingly and I love to turn the material.

I barrel trimmed the ends of the blank slightly to get the blank flush so the bushings would seat correctly and I got to turning.  I took my time on this blank and spent a lot of time turning because I took light passes.  The last thing I wanted to do was chip out or blow the blank apart.  After I turned the blank down to the bushings, or close to the bushings, I sanded quite a bit with 220 grit dry sand paper to get the blank to the final diameter, then moved to 400 grit, 1,000, then 2,000 grit paper to smooth it out.

After I dry sanded, I moved to wet sanding with Micro Mesh, again going through the grits, 1,500-12,000 grit.  The blank looked good once I was done dry sanding, but after I spent some time with the Micro Mesh, this was the process that made the blank look GREAT!  It shined up the blank nicely and I was super pleased with the result.

Finally, I used HUT Ultra-gloss polish and applied that twice, buffing out the polish after each application.  This was the last step on the lathe.

Once I polished the blank and got it looking all shiny and amazing, I took the blank off the lathe and assembled the pen.  Assembling a Wall Street II pen is extremely simple!  That’s part of the reason I love these pens.  All you need to do is the following:

1. Line up the cap and clip where you want the clip to be on the blank.  When assembling a pen with a label-cast blank, typically the clip goes where the seam of the label is so the seam gets covered and the graphic can be prominently displayed.

2. Push the cap into the blank once lined up.

3. Put the spring onto the ink refill and put that ink cartridge into the nib of the pen.

4. Put the transmission of the pen over the ink and thread said transmission onto the nib.  At this point I twist the transmission to make sure everything is working as it should be.

5. Push the blank and nib together and you have a completed pen!

This pen was a super fun turn and a very special, personal blank.  I love how this pen turned out and I can’t thank John Pierce enough for the amazing blanks he sent me.  If you need something cast, I would definitely send John a message because he does a lot of amazing stuff!  Be sure to send John a DM on Instagram and let him know he does some amazing things and let him know what you need cast!

John Pierce on Instagram: jbob1178

Thanks for reading, and as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!


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