Shop Update 2.22.18

In the shop update I talk about what’s been going on in the shop, a craft show and we have a mail call!

I was making items for the craft show.  When I was on the way down to the show, the rear driver side tire blew out and we ended up being late to the show.  As it turns out, we ended up sitting at the show for an extended period of time and unfortunately, didn’t make any sales.  Some time you win and some time you learn.

I recently changed the blade on my table saw.  This was exciting because I went from the 40 tooth factory blade and upgraded to a 50 tooth combination Diablo blade.  So far, it has cut like a hot knife through butter and I love the blade!  Along with replacing the blade, I cleaned the table of my table saw with WD-40 and waxed it down with some paste wax.  A clean saw is a good working saw!

Makers Rock is quickly approaching and I will be participating in the event with 30+ other makers!  You will have an opportunity to win the album I will be recreating, which is Brigade by Heart.  In order to have a chance to win the 12″x12″ piece of art, you need to subscribe to my YouTube channel and comment on the build video of the album when it get’s released.

I am now on Patreon!  You can check out the page here:  If you have an idea for support levels, contact me and let me know!

Mail Call!  I won a contest put on by Ken Moon at Moonpie Creations ( where I won a digital angle finder as well as a blade height measurement device.  I cant wait to use these tools in the shop!  The second package was from John Pierce.  He contacted me through Instagram and wanted to send me a some blanks since he had been casting.  If you want to see what he sent me, check out the shop update video which can be found on this website under the “YouTube Videos” tab or on my Cross Cut Creations channel.  make sure you go follow John on instagram.  His handle is @jbob1178.

Thanks for checking out the written article.  if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!


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