Hybrid Wall Street II Pen from PTownSubbie

During this week’s video, I turned a hybrid blank (out of wormy sycamore and alumalite) and put it on a Wall Street II Pen kit.  I have personally come to love the Wall Street II/Monarch/Sierra kits as they look nice, but are also easy to assemble.

The video that goes with this article is a little more than 27 minutes.  You’re probably screaming right now, “ROBERT! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!”  I’m okay with that because I wanted to try out the long-form content.  If it goes over well, I will continue to do long-form.  If it completely flops, I will go back to just doing an overview of sorts.  I wanted to try the long-form for a couple reasons:

1. The new YouTube standards for monetization (which I have already addressed in previous posts and videos) favor watch time instead of views.

2. Even if this format flops for me, I wanted to produce a more in-depth video tutorial of sorts to show others all the steps that go into making a pen (Wall Street II kit to be more specific).

My goal in releasing this video was to be another resource for the pen turners and prospective pen turners to have a tutorial that walked them through each step and why we do each step.  If you look at how a pen is made, very little of the pen making process is turning the pen blank.  There is a lot more to it than that.  Once you get comfortable with the processes of making pens, it will become second nature, and while each kit is a little different, the general processes are the same.

If I failed to cover anything or you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me at one of my various contacts.  I can be reached through my email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a few other methods.


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