Shop Tour 2018

In today’s video, I take you through my shop and talk about the different tools in my shop and layout.

Once I enter my shop, I turn left and the miter saw is the first tool I see.  From there, I have my Harbor Freight Dust collector.  next to my dust collector, I have a table with a number of bench top tools.  Moving from my table with bench top tools, I have my workbench where I do a lot of assembly.  Next to the bench is the table saw.  From the table saw, I keep moving along and my planer and lumber storage is in the next corner.  At the far end, I have my lathe.

If you want to check out the tools I use in my shop, check out the “Tools I Use” tab to see more.  The full shop tour is in the “YouTube Videos” tab to check out the space I work in.

I also mentioned the projects I wanted to get accomplished in the shop.  they include a clamp rack, air compressor cart, better lumber storage, and lathe storage organization.

If you have any questions about my tools or shop, be sure to contact me!


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